The EIS Mission

The EIS Mission

The mission of EIS is to nurture the intellectual curiosity of San Diego’s young people by providing “hands-on” learning experiences to further understanding of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). EIS’ primary goal is to develop a science-literate populace and inspire participation in critically needed STEM careers. This goal is achieved by providing quality enrichment education programs that are affordable and accessible for all students. Through participatory science experiences, EIS seeks to:

  • Increase underserved children’s exposure to science.
  • Inspire students to pursue careers in scientific disciplines.
  • Improve student academic achievement in STEM subjects.

The EIS Vision is to create a widely respected model for science enrichment where community resources and partners provide students with the opportunities, facilities, role models and academic tools to build a bright future.


My name is Nick Gascoigne. I do research in the field of Immunology – the study of the immune system which controls cancers and fights infections. Immunology has been in the news a lot recently because of new “immunotherapies” that enhance the immune response against cancers. These are showing a lot of success in many different types of cancer.

I was a board member of EIS for about 10 years, and my kids went to EIS programs. At that time I worked at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, where my lab studied how the immune system learns not to attack out own bodies, but leaves it ready to recognize viruses and bacteria. We organized field trips for EIS students to visit labs at Scripps in the summer. About 2 years ago I moved from San Diego to take up a new job in Singapore, but I keep up with the exciting developments at EIS.

EIS helps to encourage kid’s natural curiosity bout the world. Whether or not they become scientists, it is important for citizens of the modern world to have some understanding of how natural processes work, and how to tell fact from fiction – think of the debates on climate change or vaccine use, for example. I’m proud of my association with EIS and I hope that EIS continues to help a new generation of students to realize how wonderful it is to try to understand how the natural world works.

Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne, Ph.D.

EIS Parent & Board Member

I wanted to let you know that Sydney won a Toastmasters Youth Speech contest this week.   She spoke for almost 8 minutes in front of almost 65 people, about 3 “inventions” that have shaped her life. The Elementary Institute of Science program was one of the inventions she talked about.  She said it’s inspired her love of science, opened up a whole new world, and convinced her she could be a scientist, doctor or engineer and love her job. She went on and on about using her first microscope and dissecting many things.

I think after this public relations evening, you’ll have to add more classes!  Thanks again for your program and I wish we could find a way to have every student experience EIS!

Sherry Ritchey

EIS Parent