EIS Summer Science Programs (Ages 7-13)

Summer Science Programs in San Diego

Each week during the summer science program, students' ages 7-13 gather at the EIS science institute and enjoy 4 labs per day, Monday through Thursday!

On Wednesdays, students participate in presentations and activities led by science professionals, engineers, researchers, architects, food chemists, and other specialists In addition, an educational field trip is scheduled on Friday of each week.

Instructors for this program are juniors, seniors, or graduate students at local universities, majoring in the subject that they teach at EIS. With support from the Education Director, instructors develop their own hands-on experiments for the children to work on. In the labs, kids use every day materials as well as industry equipment to explore a particular science field.

The summer science program runs for nine weeks from mid-June to mid-August. Students sign up for weeklong sessions and can participate for a maximum of three weeks. The cost per week is $75. Click to download now!